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Boise Bob

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Folks...Boise Bob here.  I need hand controls for my 2016 CTSW.  

My right leg has just been amputated so I am seeking these to fulfill my lifetime desire to become a pilot. 

Flight Design is not manufacturing them, but Tiffany (parts) believes their may be some still in the market.

So...If you have some complete and fully functional, I'm a buyer.  Likewise, if you know someone please refer them to me.

HUSH.    bobpedersen@msn.com 


Thank you.  Bob







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Wondering if that is FAA requirement or your preference on controls?  With CT’s already having hand brakes, it’s possible to work peddles with one foot.  When it’s hot I sometimes hang left leg out the door during taxi, and use right foot to work either peddle.  Maybe not recommended for flight, sharing if it may help you.

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Even if Airtime doesn't have one, they should be able to get drawings. You could have one made that way.

It might be worthwhile to check with Able Flight. I think early on they had a CT leased with hand controls.

You might be able to get by with a stirrup on the pedal for your good leg Pushing and pulling. If you can't handle the pushing and pulling with one leg, you could add a lever connected to the rudder pedals. You would also want to add a brake handle on the stick and a throttle control on the handle for the rudders.

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