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Stator Issues

Garrett Gee

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Looking for thoughts/opinions.  Had the generator give up on me today right after takeoff.  Got the airplane to my mechanics airport (earth-x battery for the win) and we are working on troubleshooting before pulling the engine.

Steps so far:

Disconnected AVC-1 regulator connector and checked for AC voltage with the engine running on the two yellow wires.  Nothing (0 volts), not even a wiggle.  Checked for power on the appropriate control wires and had battery voltage where expected.  Regulator turns on the gen lamp fine. Everything is currently pointing to the stator at this point.  My mechanic has done Rotax training, but it has been a little while, so we are trying everything we can to see what else could possibly be wrong.  Did the resistance check on the yellow leads and got .2-.3 ohms, and also checked from each yellow wire to ground and all read "infinite' ohms.  Are there any connectors on the back of the stator I am missing or can't easily see?

The ignition coils and RPM all seem to be working correctly.  Any thoughts, or is this stator likely shot.  I thought it was unlikely/unusual for these to fail?


Side note: Has anyone here put an external alternator on the Rotax in a CTLS?  Does it require a cowling modification?



Garrett Gee

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1 hour ago, Madhatter said:

Thank Madhatter.  I ran across that article a couple of years ago while trying to learn more about how the system worked and that is what I based my original tests on funny enough.  Based on that, I am pretty sure the stator is shot.  Going to do some more digging before we pull the engine off the frame, but it looks like its dead.

Might see about an external alternator, given the stator is around $1,100.  I can do a whole Rotax alternator setup for (relatively speaking) not much more and I think it might actually be easier, assuming the cowling doesn't have to be modified.

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On 2/14/2024 at 6:30 PM, Jim Meade said:

I put a 40A alternator on my 2007 CTSW several years ago.  Got the parts from Leading Edge Air Foils.  Pulley bolts on the hub and works fine.  I had to modify the cowl. 


I really like that. Would love to get to play with some composite work, but I don’t wanna learn on my cowling.

That does look really good though!

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