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Buying a CTSW! Looking for CFI or ferry pilot

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I'm very excited... I'm under agreement to purchase a CTSW!

It is based at KHEF and I need to get it to KLNS. Wondering if there are any eligible pilots interested in doing a ferry, or any local CFI's willing to do a fly-along. I know it's a long shot, but figured I'd ask.

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You may consider posting the request for ferry assistance on Facebook group, there seems to be active pilots there who don't follow this forum as regularly.

I've done a couple of these, and depending on schedule might be an option, but short term is busy with work travel - would be a month out.

KLNS to KHEF is a very short hop, might want to call Tom Peghiny, he likely knows some local owners or past owners who can support.

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On 2/28/2024 at 9:26 PM, Dan Little said:

You will love your CTSW. I'm also based at KHEF. Look for my CTLS on the south ramp. Check out Desert Flying Club. They used to be based at Henderson, but moved to Boulder recently. Lauren Scott does instruction in LSAs. DFC Certified Flight Instructors - Desert Flying Club


KHEF is manassas isn’t it?

KLNS is Lancaster  

Henderson exe is KHSH

Boulder is KBVU

I wouldn’t expect worlds of help that far away, but sure it’s a starting point. 

I believe my CFI in Santa Fe NM will do ferry flights, and he might be willing to make a flight with a pilot looking for a new airframe sign off at the same time. If you’re interested I can reach out to him to make sure. 

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