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2024 Eclipse

Tom Baker

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I know I mentioned this in another thread, but myself and our EAA chapter 1304 is hosting an eclipse viewing event at the Olney-Noble Airport (KOLY) on April 8th. We will be cooking up some pulled pork for lunch. We have eclipse viewing glasses available. If you come in early or want to stay late primitive camping is allowed. If you have any questions you can email me at eaa1304eclipse2024@gmail.com .

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Congratulations and thanks to Tom and his partners and helpers for putting on a first class eclipse viewing at Olney-Noble airport.  I think about 28 airplanes showed up , from Conquest and TBM (or Pilatus, I can never tell them apart) to small tail wheel and everything in between, including three FD CT fly-ins.  The weather for the flight and viewing was superb.  Tom outdid himself on a tasty lunch.  

Everyone had a good time.  There was a lot of visiting back and forth and looking at each others planes, asking where we were from, and so forth.  I met a couple who lived about 20 miles up the road from in Iowa, and maybe rekindled a spark for him to get his pilot certificate.  He was eager to show his wife the parachute in my FD CTSW.

Thanks again, Tom, this was quite a treat.

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