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White Powder Rear of Engine Compartment

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Any idea of cause of this white powder at rear of engine compartment?  The plane is undergoing an annual and the A&P sent me the picture.  I thought I’d ask the experts.  This is a 912iS.


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It appears that the heat insulation tape (?) wrapped around the coolant hose (?) may be fastened with some form of adhesive (no clamps visible?) -- perhaps this adhesive is being melted by the heat and/or petroleum products and flowing aft???

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The blueish coolant is likely the OEM that the airplane was shipped with from Europe. I am not certain what it looks like when there is a leak and it dries, but with the location I would suspect a small coolant leak from the hose at the spring clamp. I have seen this kind of leak before when the hose has been freshly installed. Normally a reseating of the clamp will fix it.

Also it is unlikely to become a catastrophic failure, just a nuisance. 

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