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Is the owner of N121YT on this forum?


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You could do what I did when I was wanting to get in contact with the current owner of the Challenger II that I built back in '96.  I wrote a letter to the current registered owner using the address from the FAA Registry telling him my story, writing my email address and phone number at the bottom.  I included a self-addressed stamped envelope just in case he was an old timer who doesn't use those new fangled contraptions like celluloid phones or computahs.  I never got a response, so I figured he didn't want to get in contact with me.  About seven months later I get a call from him.  He said the letter had slipped under his blotter and he never saw it.  We had a nice conversation, and it seems the plane is still going strong almost 30 years later and still giving rides to lots of new passengers.


All it costs is a couple of stamps.



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