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Removing headrest?


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I won't be at the airport for a while, but I was looking at the CTLS Parts and Assembly Manual and it shows the headrest is adjustable by using the "Fixator"?  I assume this is a knob that can be loosened to move the headrest up and down.  Can one unscrew this "Fixator" and remove the headrest?  I'm pondering camera locations, and thought about mounting an Insta360 to get 360 video from the passenger's perspective during flight.  My two options that I had thought about before looking at the P&A Manual were to mount to the spar carry-through with a suction mount of some sort that drops down, or make a mount that conforms to the seat.  If the headrest is easily removable, it'd be easy to make a mount that goes where the headrest is.


Anyone done this?



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On my 2006 CTsw, that knob has a female threaded hole that screws onto a threaded metal post on the headrest.  When the knob is unscrewed fully, it will separate from the threaded post and the headrest can then be removed from (or, more precisely, fall off of) the seat.  

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To remove the headrest pad, just tilt the rear forward and unscrew the pad itself.  That should provide a decent place to fab some kind of mount.  Look at page 22 of the Assembly Manual on the FD website, way down in the bottom of the site.  Very useful.

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