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Brown Sludgy Bits in Fuel Tanks

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Going through the annual on my plane and came across a brown sludgy substance in both fuel tanks. The consistency is like grease when squished, but does not stay tacky like grease would. It is also heavy enough to remain on the bottom of the tanks. We also found some black rubber appearing pieces. 

First - what is the best way to flush the tanks? Both wings are off the plane. 

Second - how many baffles are there in a SW wing? I can see the first baffle through the root end - have not removed the fuel filler cap to scope yet. 

Third - kind of related, but how in the world do I get to the clamp on the bottom of the fuel hose in the "a-pillar"? Hose in in fine condition at the moment, but would like to change it out as long as I am there. It appears that magic may be needed to remove the lower hose clamp. 


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1. No real good way to flush the tank, but I would try and clean it the best you can with a rag on a stick.

2. One baffle

3. I assume you are talking about the one in the wing root. There are a couple different ways depending on the style of clamp. One requires drilling a hole in the wing root, the other is like performing surgery in a hole. I typically go the surgery route, but I have some specialty tools.

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