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LEAF Acquired by APS

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Can't be a bad thing.  When I was a brand new CTLS owner I called LEAF with a Rotax question.  I'm still waiting for a call back.  Been relying on Lockwood ever since.


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Went there for Rotax training a few years back and they were always solid with orders so no complains here.On the other hand I maintain my plane at Jeremy Knoll ( who bought the place ) company so having him now own a Rotax shop can be only a good thing.

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I see Brett Lawton is going with the new firm, according to the updated web site.  That is good.  I've had lots of training from Brett at Leading Edge on the Rotax 912ULS and 503 and have consulted him numerous times on both those engines.  Brett has a unique ability to  diagnose Rotax, in my experience.  

The Lake Lawn airport is apparently reasonably near the new firm, so I can fly my gear reduction box there in a few months for Brett to overhaul.

Out of idle curiosity, I see the Wag Aero web site has no mention of any of this, so I wonder if Wag Aero will continue to exist in it's current location?  Well, I guess that's a question for a different forum.

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