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Turbo in a CTSW?

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I flew a Sting S3 for about 11 years in the flatlands then my mission changed to include longer trips, IMC and mountains so I bought a Cirrus SR22.  I absolutely love my Cirrus but my mission has morphed after 6 years so I’m selling my plane and looking to go back to lower and slower.  I live at the base of Cascades and fly mountains on many flights so I’ll be looking for a 914 (or 915/916 although those might be beyond my price range) powered plane.  I’m also going to continue flying gentlemen’s IMC so will be going E-LSA.  It would be nice to be able to cruise in the 130’s KTAS at higher altitudes for trips.

Anyway — I think it would be possible to find a nice CTSW that checks the E-LSA/IMC box but not aware of any turbos.  Anyone know if it’s possible to put a 914 (or an Edge 912STi in CTSW?

I’m aware of Tecnam and Bristell which may be possible as well.

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I would go with Tecnam P2008 , they come with Rotax 914 as an option and are more of a quality/luxury LSA ( with a price tag to match ) - or perhaps wait for a Mosaic LSA - looks like there will be quite a few Rotax 915 offerings ( with nice price tags to match as well )  … but if you are stepping down from a Cirrus , I gather that should not be a problem 🙂 

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The MOASIC-compliant 915 planes are quite nice but the price tag is more than this Cirrus driver is willing to spend.  I’m looking for used 914 plane priced with  a 1 in the first digit not a 3 or 4.  Tecnam 2008T is at the top of my list but there are very few around and none on the market at the moment.  Hence, I’m ruminating on other options.  Of course, my plane hasn’t sold yet so there’s nothing I can do until then.

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