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2006 CTSW for Sale

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Hi everyone – I recently found out that I’m going to be losing my hangar space at the end of the year, so I’ve decided to begin working on the sale of my 2006 CTSW. I’ve flown it about 300 hours in a little over a year, as I’ve been working towards ATP, and I’ll continue to fly a lot until it sells, so times will increase. I wanted to offer it here on the forum first prior to anywhere else. 

N663CT has been well maintained, and so have the records. I’ve flown this plane all over the southeast, and for the full asking price, I would include delivery to anywhere within the lower 48, and potentially parts of Canada. I’m a CFI and willing to do checkout flights or required insurance time with the new owner, up to 5 hours, free of charge after purchase. I’m asking $89,000.

  • Approximately 700 hours TT airframe, engine, and prop
  • ELSA conversion completed in 2018
  • Dual Dynon SkyView with EMS and dual battery backup
  • SkyView integrated com radio with external control panel
  • SkyView control panel for heading/baro/alt
  • SkyView autopilot with SV42 servos
  • SkyView Wi-Fi for interoperation with various mobile apps like ForeFlight
  • SkyView ADS-B 472 receiver for ADS-B in
  • Matco wheels and brakes – new reline kit included for next pad change
  • Tundra tires – new main tires and tubes recently installed
  • Artex 345 ELT
    • Battery due 5/2027
  • EarthX battery installed 8/2022
  • Rotax rubber due 11/2027
  • BRS rocket due 11/2029
  • BRS repack due 4/2030
  • Annual due 11/2024 – I can also do a fresh annual if buyer desires
  • King transponder with GDL-82 for ADS-B out
    • Next check due 10/2024
  • Garmin 496 backup GPS linked to Dynon Skyview
  • Full-height brown leather seats
  • All logs in both paper and digital form
  • No damage history
  • Compressions all nearly 80/80
  • Spares/accessories included
    • Bruce’s custom cover
    • 3 liters of Sport Plus 4 oil and a spare oil filter
    • 1 spare tube for main tire, 1 spare tube for nose tire
    • Four 5-gallon fuel jugs with quick fill spouts
    • Chocks, tiedowns, and other various items

This plane runs like a sewing machine and has been fantastic for building time. I’ve become a big fan of the CT series and I think you’d be hard pressed to own and operate any comparably appointed airplane for less cost. With the amount of time that I’ve flown this CTSW in a little over a year, there should be little chance for maintenance surprises, as it’s been fully tested during the time that I’ve owned it.

Please message me if you’re interested and I can provide my phone number to discuss. 









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1 hour ago, Wayne Mulcahy said:


Im interested in learning more. Can I give you a call?

Wayne Mulcahy - 445-200-8998

Hi Wayne - Sure! I'll send you a private message with my number or I can give you a call tomorrow. 

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