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I used jugs for a week, a fuel trailor for a season, 13gpm from my pickup bed is convienient.

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I am happy to hear it is working successfully.  I have a similar tank on my truck and I have gone the other way with all the bells and whistles to keep the fuel clean:  pickup off the bottom, large water absorbing fuel filters, and fuel flow meter to monitor filter.  I pump the fuel from the Swiftfuel container with the same setup so it is filtered twice.  I may have overkilled it.

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A 50-gallon aluminum tank with an 8 GPH 12V pump is strapped onto the aluminum cargo carrier. It sits on a hydraulic lift cart, allowing it to be raised and inserted into the hitch receiver and remove it when it's filled. 

Then it's a short drive to the local gas station for a 50:50 mix of 90 non-ethanol and 93 10% ethanol fuel. I usually fill it with only 30 gallons to keep it light and fuel fresh.

I cover it with a tarp on my way to the gas station. 




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