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Garmin GTX 327 Transponder set up

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I want my 327 to power on with my avionics master switch like my other units.  My prior CTSW was configured this way.  I found this setting somewhere 2 years ago and asked my A&P to update it but it didn't get done.  I can't findi it now.


I asked Gemini and was told there is no setting.   Now I'm confused,  do any of you have a 327 powering up automaticlly or do you have to hit a button on the transponder like on or alt?

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The CTSW doesn't have a typical avionics master switch setup. The power input needs to be tied into the master switch thru the transponder circuit breaker. Unfortunately the SW has a bizarre electrical buss setup but unless you completely rewire it like I did you will have to live with it. I have installed many avionics packages in lots of aircraft and have never seen anything as bad as FD.

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