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Abott Pass and by Victoria hanging glacier


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Thx Jacques!


The Abott pass is quite tricky but can be done safely and when done it is spectecular.

Never attempt this from East to West since you are flying into the very narrow (<250 yards wide) box canyon with the Abott Hut at the end of the canyon in the pass.


It can only be done safely on calm days with very little wind and then only from the west (B.C. side) to the East (Alberta). As you can see as soon as I cross the pass with the hut and hikers standing on the ledge of the pass, I pull the power and drop into the box canyon that is "open" to the east where it connects into Lake Louise. You fly literally yards away from the hanging Victoria glacier descending in the canyon.

An incredible view opens up before the pas, while in the pass and dropping down in the canyon. Unfortunately it all flashes by and also you have to pay attention to where you go since it is quite narrow initially so things happen quite fast.

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