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TRT has made me a better (old guy) pilot

Eddie Cesnalis

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I've been on testosterone replacement therapy for 10 weeks now.  I'm 71 and like all of us old guys I have experienced the double wammy of reduced T from age as it begins to decline after our 30s as well as from our modern world which means all males have reduce T if compared to levels 50 years ago and prior.

It took a few weeks before I could clearly see new lean muscle.  I did get an immediate strong effect to my mind.  Anxiety was replaced with confidence and any remaining brain for was replaced by clarity.  I'm more logical, thoughtful and methodical.

I thought I would share because many of us are infact older and male and of course with diminished testoterone.  


Eddie in Florence, Oregonselfgym.thumb.jpg.216f668f8a5bdddcfe854ec30ff78f39.jpg

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