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Hi John,





Did you read the Dog's Blog attachment. Yes. I would recommend any of the top 5 oils on the list. It is just as important to have a complete additive package. So it is all important, it's just if the one additive,ZDDP, is too low it allows metal to metal contact on our flat tappet lifters and gears because these are such high stress areas. I look at it this way. The lack of ZDDP is like smoking. It won't kill you today or tomorrow, but down the road you will pay big and just like some smokers manage to live a long time beating the odds that can also happen to our engine. People do beat the odds at times doing things they shouldn't to the engine, but 90% of the time you pay big in the long run. I'm not looking to be in the 90%, I want better odds. You won't know your engine is messed up until it's too late to do anything, but fork over the big bucks to fix it. It's just as easy to do the right things as it is the wrong.


I know yes would have sufficedwacko.gif.



I'm not making anyone change their oil brand or telling anyone they must change. I just got the info and posted it. It's up to each person to make a choice. If I learned something from high up that may harm our plane and didn't post it I would feel negligent, but the responsibility to accept, reject, research or act is up to each person.

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