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Changing from a Neuform to a Warp Drive prop

Roger Lee

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Hi All,



If you get to a point someday and want to make a change the Warp Drive replacement for the CT is a


66” 3 blade, standard hub. No nickled edge, too much inertia. You can if you choose put the clear leading edge tape on the leading edge. You will need to sand or lathe down the 6 hub pins that go between the 2” hub extension and the prop hub. These have a little shoulder on them that won’t fit into the Warp prop hub. This isn’t that hard. You will need a ¼” face plate that goes over the prop hub on the front. This hub needs to have a 1.74” opening in the center and not the standard 1” hole. This is what the spinner stabilizer is screwed to. Always loosen the large hub bolts first and tighten them first. These bolts get 175 in/lbs. A 13mm crows foot comes in very handy here.


The price on a Neuform is approximately$2600 and the Warp Drive prop is approximately $750.


The Sinsinich prop maybe available soon


add on:

I did forgot to mention maybe really taking a close look at any prop you may have on during your pre-flight inspection. Look really close for any linier cracks that may start to run length wise with the blade. If you find some give the prop a fairly hard side twist and see if those cracks open up at all. Is it one crack or multiple cracks. You can put a small ink mark at each end of the crack and see if it grows from twisting or another flight. During an annual or 100 hr. inspection check bolt torque. I haven't found any low torques on these, nut it could happen. Better safe than sorry. If you nick a prop some nicks can certainly be repaired and then rebalanced.


These tips are just to be informative and hopefully help in our day to day safe flight operation.

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