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Modified Tire Change


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A favorite piece of music of mine is Rachmaninoff’s 3rd variation on a theme of Paganini. Well here’s rookies 2nd. Variation on a theme by Roger Lee.


After wasting a full day and ruining a brand new tube (hate it when that happens) it became obvious that I needed a way to support the wheel while adjusting the tube and being sure I could SEE tube clearance; before mating the wheel halves. This is what I came up with. Hopefully the pictures will come out in order but if not I’m sure you’ll get the idea.


1st. I took my wife’s spaghetti pan, perfect dia. & height (she won’t miss it, hates cooking)

2nd. Inserted tube LESS valve core in tire, inflate & deflate several times to get good shape & placement.

3rd. placed the valve stem ½ of wheel in tire, seat the valve stem, turned over and placed on spaghetti pan.

4th. Using 4 small frame clamps (3 work, 4 work better) I gradually and incrementally compressed the tire, each time adjusting the tube to INSURE clearance.

5th. When tire was compressed far enough; the second ½ of wheel can be inserted. You can hear metal to metal and even rotate slightly to INSURE no tube pinching.

Note: In the picture you can see that the clearance all around is aprox. 1/8”

6th. Insert bolts, torque nuts, that’s it. Oh yeah, works better with valve a core.


I don’t know if it’s important but I inflated the tube the night before, just enough to get the right shape. Next day I removed the valve core for assembly. Having the valve core out seemed to help keep the tube in proper shape during tire compression.


BTW, Rogers’s method works just fine and for guys like Roger & Tad who do it all the time the extra steps in this method are probably unnecessary, however for those of us with less skill & experience it’s a quick and easy way to guarantee the tube isn’t pinched.



al meyer





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Your on the right track Al. I use a little bit different style clamp (see attached). I take off the yellow pads and the clamp I use goes all the way to the bead. This way I am able to tuck the tube in as I go and do the final assembly.


Don't forget the talc powder, and it is a good idea after completion to fill up the tube and remove the valvestem once before filling to final psi. Sounds like you are doing it as well.


Then all that is left is to whip up some sketty in that pan and grab a cold one :D


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