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Applying heat conducting paste to a spark plug

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First of all never apply anti seize to a Rotax plug. It is in the manual so tell the old school fixed in his ways A&P not to do it.


You should be applying a thermal or heat conducting paste to the Rotax 912 series engine plugs. The paste is to help the transfer of heat between the plug and head, plus it will help lube the threads and help prevent galling. When applying this paste a little is more. Put a dab on your little finger and roll the plug around until it coats the spark plug threads about 2/3 of the way up from the base of the plug. Do not get it on the electrode as it is silicone base and will not burn off and will cause misfiring. Even the plug in this video could use just a tad less paste. If you have a little bare spot that's okay because as your thread the plug in it will spread.



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