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2006 CTSW For Sale $78k will take $70k cash

Tad Olmsted

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Greetings all,

I have a 2006 CTSW of a customer of mine for sale. I have done the 5 year rubber replacement and the prop has just been returned from 1000 hr overhaul. I just finished up the annual.


This plane has 1000 hours and started its life as a trainer, now it is privately owned and for sale due to a new model upgrade.


All the SB's and logs are in compliance and the plane has been maintained wonderfully. It had one gear leg replaced, but that is the only thing ever to happen to it. I just did the 5 year rubber and annual and I tore this plane apart looking for anything that might hinder a sale. I found only a handfull of miniscule items that were easily fixed.


Other than the gear leg replacement, there is no evidence of hard landings that may have occurred. SW gear legs are designed to bend and absorb energy that could otherwise do airframe damage.


It has analog gauges and a Garman 496 without auto pilot. I can install Dynon's and a 696 or Skywiews if requested.


This plane is rock solid and the engine compression is 78/87. All the big money items have been spent and it is a great deal. Email me or call my cell, my emails go to my cell and I can quickly respond.




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