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Hi Jim,


You really don't see POH updates from FD. The one that came with your plane should stay. If a new plane comes in and it has a different POH then there may be changes to that plane that don't apply to your plane. Your aircraft airworthy cert. was issued on your POH.

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I guess I should have kept the original POH. Oops. On a positive note, the IOS5.0.1 update to Ipad1 allows the PDF for CTSW AOI rev 7 , 29 Apr 2008 to be read.

Kindle 2, version 2.56 still cannot display figures in the POH.

There is a nasty mistake in section 8.9, normal landings. They listed the Vfe speeds for various configurations as approach speeds.

This should have been 1.3 times the various Vs speeds. Also, in 8.1D pre-flight the Pitot is listed as being on the Left wing, on my 2006 CTSW it is on the right

I noted this a while ago to FDUSA ; no response.


I did say I liked the CTLS manual a lot better, and Jonathan noted they had a big hand in writing that one. I carry the density alt charts from CTLS

for use with CTSW ; it is better than a simple Koch nomogram.

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I have to confess I need to improve my knowledge of just what constitutes the required POH docs on my E-LSA CTSW. When I bought the plane from the estate, I got a box of materials. There is a white binder about 7X9 or so with the Rotax engine manuals in it and all the accessory docs such as the BSR, A/P, etc. I also have a copy of operator and maintenance docs that look like they might have been company produced - a brown/bronze cover, full notebook size, with the plastic binder, which is the right version for my aircraft build date. I have the same things in what looks to me to be a home-produced document with a later version number. I'd kind of assumed the bronze covered flight operations manual was part of the POH. Now, I'm not sure I really know.


Surely, the maintenance document should be the latest version, and would cover changes plus the procedures in effect at the time of build.


I guess I need to see the FAA or company written protocol for this question.






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