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Copper State Fly-In Oct. 20-22

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


Arizona has its Copper State Fly-In at Casa Grande, AZ Oct. 21-22 (Thur, Fri, Sat) many of us will be there Friday morning and Eric Swisher will have a Flight Design display there. Come join us Friday morning Oct 21 in sunny Casa Grande, AZ.







I heard a rumor that Eric was buying breakfast for all CT pilots that show up!!! rolleyes.giflaugh.gif

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The turn out seemed smaller then previous years, but still had a good time with great people and great planes! I think the high cost of 100ll across the country was one factor, made for a good selling point for the CT though. I flew too and from Casa Grande, did several demo and showcase flights and still only burned 18 gals of auto gas round trip and 4.5 hrs on the Hobbs. Wonder what the L39 burned doing 3 high speed passes per day!

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Cross country flying in the Albatross is quite nice. If you elect to go VFR, 16,500-


17.500’ MSL will yield the best fuel economy and lowest traffic environment. Cruise


speeds at nominal setting (98%) will typically be about 295-300 KTAS and yield about a


150 gph fuel burn. The optimal cruise altitude for the L-39, however, is in the FL 200-


240 area where fuel burn is back to about 135 gph but KTAS is up to about 315. Without


at least an altitude hold, however, it is a bit of work as it doesn’t take much in this neutral


stability platform to get off altitude. Conservative range is about 500 nm with a standard


fuel system. With drop tanks, as on the L-39ZO/ZA, that range is extended to about 800


nm, but the drag penalty translates into burning about 50% of the extra fuel just to carry


it. Nonetheless, having that option both looks cool and affords you need flexibility when


going cross country, particularly in places like the upper Midwest or Northwest.


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