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What's in an oil

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


Here is a page link I have posted before on other forums. It is an oil comparison done by Amsoil by an independent company comparing several oils and their characteristics. It tells what the additives are in motorcycle oils and how much in each and what the additives do. You should be using motorcycle oil in your Rotax because your engine and gearbox share the same oil just as a motorcycle does. A car oil does not have these additives. In this day and age there is a fairly big difference in synthetic oil verses a straight dino oil or non-synthetic. The synthetics can hold up better under the extreme stresses better than some of the non-synthetics while operating under the newer high performance engines. You may not be an Amsoil fan, but the information in this document is solid as it pertains to oils and the education of their properties.




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I just got another case of aeroshell sport 4 which is specifically designed (or so they claim) for sport class airplanes and I have been using this since it came out. I like this one since I can use the same oil for mogas and the occasional time I use avgas on my usa trips (with an oil change right after I come back). This way I only have to buy one brand.

Any comments on the use of this oil?


BTW thanks for the invite by Ed to this new forum.





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Hi Jos,


Aero Shell Sport Plus 4 a 10-40W is a good oil and since it is a semi synthetic it will suspend the lead from Avgas use where a full synthetic will not.I think as often as we all change oils there are probably several good oils and the key to any engine longevity is the proper oil change intervals and doing an annual and or 100 hr. oil analysis.

I happen to carry Aero Shell, AmsOil 10-40W and 20-50W and Mobile One Racing 4T a 10-40W in my shop.AmsOil and Mobile One are both full synthetics.I use the Amsoil 20-50W in my Honda Goldwing , too.

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