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If you could change One thing about you CT


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Definitely a cockpit controllable door for the radiators (already mentioned in this thread). I constantly put on and take off tape, sometimes during the same day, in the "tween" Spring and Fall weather months here in Michigan.


Side note - I seem to recall the new air dam that is now on new CT's at the rear wing roots is installed to break up wing turbulence and prevent it from causing "stick bump"? If so, this appears to be a retrofittable part "as required" for older CT's if FD would give approval.

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You probably won't see another fuel valve selector switch. FD tried that and too many crashed because they forgot to switch. So they made the fuel issue a little more idiot proof. You could also have 2-4 gals in a tank left and fly in uncoordinated flight just a little and move the fuel outboard and away from the fuel pick up. then you would be out of fuel again with fuel in both wings.

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Soft Start

Fuel Selector

Toe Brakes, and free castoring nose wheel--I know-OK, because I'd like to cut down the weight for the following stuff....

Electric Stabilator Trim

Option to swap BRS for JATO

Passenger downward ejection seat, don't want to hit his head going up and out

Manual Flaps

Lyc 233 or 0200 on some models for owner ease of mainenance

Easier replaceable windows

Impact bags in carry through spar to protect head/neck

Nose tie down eye on bottom of firewall

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Hi Bob,


Some CT's have quick release type door hinges. It is a fleet approval to fly doors off and I believe the speed is 90 knots or below. Don't quote me on the speed. It is a hurricane inside though. Take any thing out that wind can blow. Wear a snug set of headphones and wear a chum on your glasses. Other than that have fun.

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