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NEW propeller for CT


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hello everyone,

I recently discovered a new propeller .  The E-Props.  

This propeller is already well accepted in Europe on Flight Design models and the French CT distributor have them installed on CTs directly from FD factory.

This is a ground ajustable propeller that is of ''aero-elastic'' type.

it is  LIGHT, has very LOW INERTIA and ...  and...AND...     contrary to the ''others'' ... let you have these RPM on take-off/climb .

Usually.....in order to have the 5600 rpm at full throttle (level flight), we don't get much more that 5000 static and 5200 on climb....right ?

with the E-props.... 5600 static/ 5400 climb // 5600 full power .

the web site is VERY descriptive , so, here it is :  www.e-props.aero

http://www.e-props.fr/16/customersA.php      see report # 35 and #59    for CT specific  but same for others

Myself, I recently installed one on a plane similar to CT, (see picture) composite, high wing, strutless.... and the 'numbers' are the one described above.

so, for the E-LSA owners among you.....that's you next prop      for the S-LSA  that shoudn't a probelm as it's already approved from the factory

The model for the CT SW / LS   is the Durandal 100 M ( or M-L ) depending of clearance ( tires sizes)



enjoy the reading



E-props SkyCruiser_03.JPG

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Couldn't find a price for the Durendal 100.  The 4-6 blade props for trikes are $2550, but there is a not a price for the Durendal 100 three blade  for our airplanes, at least that I can find.  If it's roughly the same price as the trike prop, it's about the same as the Sensenich 68" three blade.  Also in the pics of the Durendal I don't see any edge protection, which makes me a little uneasy.

EDIT: I found the price on the sheet, 1460 Euro before all taxes, which comes to $1657 at current rates.  After all the euro VAT and everything, it's probably $2200-2500.

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recently, I had the chance to compare a 3 blades Whirlwind 70''  and the Durandal 100 (67'') on a amphibs Kitfox 4 with 912 ULS.

E-props....5600 take-off   5400 climb  5600 WOT  ( 2000')

Whirlwind    5300               5400              6000     same situation ( 1/2 hour later)


E-props Kitfox..JPG

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9 hours ago, Madhatter said:

Should have one for CTSW in about 3 weeks,


make sure you have the correct extended hub.  and depending which spacer / spinner you have now.

I had the 'usual' spinner on my Neuform ( 3 bl) and in order to keep my spinner , I bought a prop with 30mm hub extension


ALSO, my spinner have 'centering hole'  and the Nuuform had a 'centering tube' ( see picture)

IF,,you have the same spinner ( they don't in Europe) ( mine is 2005 ..so..?)

just advising 


E-prop extension_02.JPG

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  • 5 weeks later...

Installed my e-prop  and completed 4 test flights at different wot rpm's on ctsw. The manufacturer of this prop recommends 5500 rpm wot as the overall best rpm for all flight parameters for the 912. The blades have a much smaller chord than any I have ever seen. I tried 5650, 5600, and 5500 with all variables the same, ( oat, baro, altitude, clean blades,  1/2 fuel, etc ). My original prop was a 3 blade Neuform and was flown just prior to the e-prop for comparison. 5650 and 5600 numbers were ok but the 5500 numbers were much better. Climb rpm now is 5300 at 1300-1400 ft/min, as opposed to 5000 rpm and 1100-1200 ft/min (less load on engine in climb). Cruise at 5400 is 115-116kts, at 5200 I get what I used to with the Neuform at 5400. Takeoff distance is much shorter( less than 6 kts wind today). A major difference for me is much less vibration, I used to get vibration when transitioning from cruise to reduced power settings in a descent until stabilized (I have heard others complain about this). Now I get no vibration. The prop also stops much easier due to being much lighter in weight. In evaluating this prop I tried not to split hairs, even with turbulence today. To me I had obvious performance increases but I am sure others will have to do their own evaluations, pilots and planes are all different.

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Madhatter, thanks for the report.  How about a picture of the E-Prop install that shows the new spinner?

Hi  Jacques.  Thanks for letting us know about the E-Prop.  Basically, is the use of the E-Prop just a bolt on installation which allows use of the Neuform spinner and spinner tube if the spacer is installed?  With the low weight (inertia) and Madhatter's comments on less vibration, I'm wondering if prop balance is not required?  What are your thoughts on the prop not having a leading edge protector strip?

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12 hours ago, Madhatter said:

The manufacturer of this prop recommends 5500 rpm wot as the overall best rpm for all flight parameters for the 912.

This is true for all props as long as the target is best speed at the 5,500 RPM limitation.  It is interesting that the advice hear has 'crept up' to a higher RPM and is offered as recommendation without the logic behind it.

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